Free Spirit

Aspiring groupie ~ Music Enthusiast
I'm 17 and love so many bands I can't say it all here. Hopelessly caught in between the worlds of psychedelia and folk
I played on stage with and met MGMT that one time (11.30.13)
Anonymous asked: The Strokes


They’re great!!!! But overrated… ehh… I guess kind of. Not overrated in the sense that their musics bad but definitely some extreme/unnecessary hype that comes with their insane popularity

Anonymous asked: Haim


This is one that always starts arguments haha! I do not think they are bad or overrated! I saw them live and they are super good and energetic! They’re just 3 really real chicks and props to them for getting famous! Ya they’re gaining popularity fast and they’re a weird hype, but I don’t think it’s at all bad

Anonymous asked: Temples!!


Geez hell no are they overrated, I only started hearing about them a few months ago and though they are gaining momentum there’s no way they’re overrated! I’ve only heard one or two songs but they’ve pretty good!

Anonymous asked: VW is so overrated


Wow very bold statement there! I don’t say I 100% agree with you, but I don’t disagree with you either. Vampire Weekend’s great, but for my personal musical taste they aren’t one of my favs. I definitely think there is always this hype about them that sometimes become overrated, but they’re a good band and they’re super duper popular! So sue them haha

Anonymous asked: Mumford and Sons


I totally disagree, I think Mumford and Sons are one of the best musical groups to become famous in our generation!! They brought folk into the mainstream (like more than the Avett Brothers ever could)! Overrated- maybe a little bit since they got mega-huge, but tbh I LOVELOVELOVE Mumford & Sons

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